John M. Slosar

Managing Partner

John M. Slosar is a founding principal of NextWave Ventures. John has a proven track record of business accomplishments spanning a professional career of nearly 50 years. As retiring Chairman and CEO of Triniti Executive Search, he has headed the firm’s M&A strategy in addition to leading its board and CEO global search practice. He added his Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, and Berlin practice groups to Triniti’s offices in San Diego, Philadelphia, Tokyo, and India.

What gets you excited about commercializing technologies?

I find a significant gratification and sense of purpose when converting a scientist’s years of perfecting a technology, particularly within a university research environment, into a business reality. One of the most rewarding experiences in my past life, then responsible for a strategic planning function, was to successfully convince the corporate (mass producing) parent that expended research in Gallium Arsenite (GaAs) technology could be successfully applied in the manufacture of microwave frequency integrated circuits for aerospace applications.

What words of wisdom would you pass on to your childhood self?

There is no substitute for education, particularly in the sciences and/or engineering as an essential base. There is no job too menial; continue to apply yourself; and above all, do not become complacent within a given assignment or position. Today’s translation: “Don’t be afraid to step out of the box.”

What does your perfect day look like?

Our 4 children, spouses, and their families (12 grandchildren) continue in good health with God’s blessings, as my wife and I do. If the day is especially exceptional, the stock market will be in growth mode and we will be successful in commercializing another technology.