We are a seed to early-stage venture capital firm focused on commercializing university research and advanced technologies. We are the founders, investors, and operators.


How We Invest


What We Invest In

We have access to hundreds of university labs across the U.S. through the strategic relationships and network we've built. We have some amazing companies that we've started, and some exciting technologies in the pipeline. Here's a peek.


Who We Are
  • Scientific Team

    We have a lot of subject matter experts. Really smart individuals with deep technical knowledge about complicated technologies and how best to apply them to solve current problems. We feel lucky for the chance to collaborate with such brilliant people.

  • Advisory Team

    We know what we know, and know what we don’t. So we focus on what we can be the best at. Our advisory board is built with members that round out our shortcomings. They have unique insights and experience across a variety of industries.

The Buzz

What They're Saying About Us

Triple Bottom Line

NextWave has always aspired to invest with a purpose and serve the triple bottom line. The elements of the triple bottom line are often referred to as people, profits, and planet. This means that we actively build companies to not only include a financial return, but also aligning them with social and environmental issues that we’re passionate about.

World Record - Garrett McNamara, Nazaré, Portugal, 100 ft wave Credit: Tó Mané


NextWave Ventures is based in Carlsbad, California.
For press inquiries email press@nextwave.vc